Salvador Dali – The Dream Designer (Spellbound, 1945)


Who better to design a dream sequence for a 1945 Hitchcock psycho-thriller than Salvador Dali? Eyes, curtains, scissors, playing cards (some of them blank), a man with no face, a man falling off of a building, a man hiding behind a chimney and dropping a wheel, and wings – psychoanalytic cues all and fab fodder for Dali’s surrealistic vision.

Still From the Dali Dream Sequence - Spellbound, 1945

Still From the Dali Dream Sequence – Spellbound, 1945 (via Unkee E. on flickr)

Below is a video of the scene featuring Gregory Peck as Dr. Anthony Edwardes/John Ballantyne, Ingrid Bergman as Dr. Constance Peterson, and Michael Chekhov as Dr. Brulov. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Brulov are attempting to assist Ballantyne in recovering his lost memory by interpreting a dream that haunts him.

Spellbound is a film that could well be termed an endorsement on the healing virtues of psychoanalysis. While some aspects of the methods seem outdated for today, Hitchcock’s use of this makes for an abosrbing story. If you would like to watch the film in its entirety you can find it on YouTube here.

4 thoughts on “Salvador Dali – The Dream Designer (Spellbound, 1945)

  1. Thanks for the memories, Scout.
    It was a wonderful time for film making. There was still space for a man like Hitchcock who could convince studios to let him direct movies that defied genres and were actually compelling, thought provoking works of art.
    And then there was Dali.
    What a movie.
    What a fantastic pair of geniuses.

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    • Yes Kris, I agree with your comment. Films are so formulated these days. That’s kind of ironic since there are so many different ways to create films nowadays.

      Thanks for stopping by and you’re very welcome. 🙂


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