Housecars discovered…


Check this super post from Mario The Multipla – It’s all about the fab designs of Brooks Stevens and his influence.

Mario the Multipla

With quite a few of our blogs, we stumble upon an interesting vehicle online, then we do a bit of ‘digging around’ and start to discover an interesting story which develops into a post…

In this case we saw a picture of this really cool RV or ‘housecar’ which was up for sale in the States.1941BrooksStevensWesterFlyer_01_1000-700x449do.php This is a 1941 Ford Western Flyer which has been restored and customised by the famed hotrod customizer Howdy Ledbetter. A bit more research revealed that the original vehicle although very rotten was one of the original Western Flyer or Clipper vehicles designed by Clifford Brooks Stevens. Now as a designer I’m rather embarrassed to say I didn’t know much about this renowned product designer… but now I do.

Brooks StevensBrooks Stevens (1911-1995) was one of the most successful and prolific American industrial designers in the pre and post-World War II era. His firm Brooks Stevens Industrial Design produced concepts and visions for…

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