7 thoughts on “New: High-Fi Radio Podcast – Seven

  1. Listening to the podcast and liking it very much 🙂

    question for you…

    I’ll be working on a sound project down the road and am looking at a few podcast options. How do you like working with Mixcloud?

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    • Thanks Jen! I’m having an easy go of it with Mixcloud. It’s my first experience with podcasting so I have nothing to compare it to. The pluses are unlimited uploads and easy playlisting, also it has a relatively nice social sharing set-up…although I’m having a problem sharing to Google+.

      If you get something going let me know about it – I would loves to hear what you have up your sleeve. 😃


      • Well, if you’re new to podcasting but still having an easy time of it, that’s a great recommendation 🙂

        I know of Mixcloud and Soundcloud but haven’t had time to delve into either of them quite yet.

        When my creative partner and I get our materials together I’ll keep you posted — it should be really interesting (even if I do say so myself.) 😉

        Thanks! 🙂


      • Ah …. so Mixcloud might be a much better option then. That’s good to know — since I don’t want to shell out a lot of money right now. (Long story, LOL.)

        Will *definitely* keep you posted 🙂

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