The Obscure Art Of Early-To-Mid 20th-Century Informational Booklets (Part 1)

Wolverine Furnace

Informational booklets can provide nice little snapshots of life and culture in the U.S.. They can also have some really nice art works. Saul Zalesch at Louisiana Tech University sees ephemera of all kinds as a valuable resource for anyone interested in studying pre-1960 America. The images and posted below are via – Zalesch is curator for this fun and interesting library of obscure art and literature. He notes that one would be hard pressed to find other libraries interested in these cultural/historical gems and encourages others to use them in their studies. He is also interested in donations from collectors who would like to contribute to this fine resource.

If you click on the caption of each image you’ll be taken to the site where a description of the booklet’s content, as well as Zalesch’s insight into its historical relevance, can be found.

7 thoughts on “The Obscure Art Of Early-To-Mid 20th-Century Informational Booklets (Part 1)

  1. Oh!! Awesome post! Can’t WAIT to check out that Ephemera site — you can learn SO MUCH in old advertising — this will be fantastic! And — loving the images you’ve chosen here. The furnace brings back memories — my grandparents had a furnace similar to that and it terrified me even as a teen. o.O

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this! 😀

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