An Actually Useful Tchotchke: Scotty, The Peeing Dog


My maternal great-grandparents were both originally from the city of Danzig and were of Prussian descent. Danzig was a very cosmopolitan city and my great-grandfather spoke five languages. One of the words that had passed down the generations is an old yiddish term, tchotchkes. Tchotchkes are those kind-of useless little kitschy-like knick-knacks you find around the house. They were very popular in early to late mid-twentieth century America and some folks have made it their life’s mission to collect the most desirable ones. They are quite amusing and every once in a while one pops up that can be just hilarious.

Enter Scotty, The Not Housebroken Dog ashtray. Scotty’s advert was featured in the February 1939 issue of Science And Mechanics. This tchotchke was not at all useless:

Scotty Ashtray - February 1935 (Photo: Modern Mechanix)

Scotty Ashtray Advert – February 1935 (Photo: Modern Mechanix)

We call him Scotty. When your guests put cigarettes in the ash tray- and pat Scotty’a head he’ll raise his little hind leg and-PUT OUT THE CIGARETTE. Convenient water sack inside Scotty is easily filled. At last a canine’s most inconvenient habit has been turned into a practical and extremely funny use! Scotty mounted on ash tray both in attractive bronze finish.

Scotty may be had for $1.50 postpaid. Money back if not completely satisfied.

Pretty clever. An eBay search just might be in order.  Ha!

2 thoughts on “An Actually Useful Tchotchke: Scotty, The Peeing Dog

  1. I actually have one of these dog ashtrays, currently missing the plunger and water sack–after all, he’s almost 80 years old–but it looks easy enough to put a replacement together. He’s very cute, quite a handsome little dog even without the extras. Thanks for the information!


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