The ‘Leisure-Mobile’


Matt Novak at Paleofuture posted this gem today with this comment:

Illustrated by Richard Arbib in 1972, this enormous “leisure-mobile” of the future was called the GM Bonanza. It looks like it wouldn’t have done very well during the 1970’s oil crisis. Or at any time when fuel is more than $.03 per gallon, really.

My simple observation is this – the design is still quite interesting and with some modern ingenuity this ‘leisure-mobile’ would be a real head turner today.


6 thoughts on “The ‘Leisure-Mobile’

    • Looks more like it’s designed for the big open road. Probably a lot like driving an 18 wheeler but more compact. I can imagine modern innovations used for maneuvers like parking and enhanced rear vision.

      Well, I can imagine anyway. *grinz*


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